MDaemon messaging server

New Email Threats Require New MDaemon Features

by MDaemon Technologies Nearly every day there is a story in the news about a successful or attempted network security breach. To avoid becoming a victim, your customer should rely on a layered approach of email features, additional software (like antivirus, etc.), and end user training. For the email layer, MDaemon Email 20 is now Read more about New Email Threats Require New MDaemon Features[…]

SecurityGateway for Email Servers

Protect Office 365 with Security Gateway for Email

Protect Office 365 against spam, phishing, data leaks, and more with Security Gateway for Email. Includes archiving, retention policies, legal hold, and much more.…/protect-office-365-with-securit…/

SecurityGateway for Email Servers

G2 High Performer 2019 – Security Gateway

Security Gateway for Email Servers ranks high for ease of use & quality of support by G2. Protect Office365, Microsoft Exchange Server & others against spear-phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), data leaks, and more.