New Email Threats Require New MDaemon Features

by MDaemon Technologies

Nearly every day there is a story in the news about a successful or attempted network security breach. To avoid becoming a victim, your customer should rely on a layered approach of email features, additional software (like antivirus, etc.), and end user training. For the email layer, MDaemon Email 20 is now available with some important security features that will help keep your organization protected. Features like:

• Compromised Password Check to prevent use of passwords that have been exposed in a data breach.
• Improved email delivery by enabling domain names to opt into Strict Transport Security (STS) that require authentication and encryption.
• Enhanced Account Hijack Detection to identify a possible breach.
• Additional protection from unauthorized users.
• Simplified identification of phishing and spoofing attempts.

You can find a list of new features and changes in the MDaemon 20 Product Review Brief.

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