Protection, Performance and Privacy in Avast 2019

What to expect in the upcoming Avast 2019

Smarter protection: Advanced anti-phishing technology
With machine learning and image recognition, bad sites are identified faster and users are alerted sooner. No more landing on malicious sites that often attempt to steal your credentials. Our new anti-phishing tool verifies fake sites as phony before you ever set foot in the quicksand, and it will be built-in to all of our antivirus offerings.

Smoother performance: Do Not Disturb mode
No more text messages popping on-screen during your PowerPoint presentation. No more emails dinging in as you fight for your life to make Top 3 in Fortnite. No more social media alerts or video calls during movie streaming on Friday night. And best of all, no hassle to pop in and out of Do Not Disturb — simply go full screen, or come out of full screen. You can manage your settings to decide which apps go quiet, such as Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Messenger, and Google Chrome. This feature will also be part of all our antivirus offerings moving forward. Do Not Disturb mode also replaces Game Mode so game mode is still there, just now, as we like to say it is “on steroids”.

Secured privacy: Sensitive Data Shield
We have added a new specialty shield this year. This new “shield” can be seen as little task forces focused on protecting a very particular part of your system — Webcam Shield locks down your webcam, Ransomware Shield keeps your most important files from getting encrypted — and now, more recently added, Sensitive Data Shield, will let you scan your computer for any .xls, .doc, .pdf, and .txt files containing private data, and then seal those files off from unauthorized access. The files are not uploaded anywhere or removed from your server. They stay where they are in your folders, only they are wrapped in Avast-level security that needs authorization from you to open. Sensitive Data Shield will be available in our premium-level antivirus products.


Avast pumps protection, unique Do Not Disturb performance switch, and privacy in 2019

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