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Staying in business means staying connected. Take a look at our on-premise software solutions and choose how you want to stay connected.

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Be Protected with our security software. From Malware to Ransomware, SPAM mail to Data leak, PCs to mobile phone, we’ve got you covered.

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Company resources get wasted while employee productivity suffers every time resources are misused and abused. So Take charge and Be in-control.

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Ever wished you had a backup when disaster occurs? Looking for a lifesaver? Take a look at what we can offer.

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We don't sell brand names, we provide Solutions!

Feel free to try our products and we will be glad to assist you during evaluation without any commitment to purchase. As such, you can be assured of your investments. NO SURPRISES!

Even non technical people would be able to use our products with ease. That's how easy it is!

Features rich products but not expensive. Other companies will require you to pay for features that we consider basic.

Support doesn't end after sales, for us it's only the beginning.

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Customer support

Our goal is to ensure that our solutions will contribute to your company’s success. You can be confident that “Things get done @ nth”, hence you can put more focus on how to run your business


We offer software solutions that allow companies to be online and communicate with ease. We provide software solutions for managing your company’s resources as well as security products to achieve employee productivity


With over three decades in the industry, our experience ranges from systems administration (multi-platform), network security, networking, messaging, application development and many more


Our mission has always been “to be the partner of choice for businesses”. We are committed to continue on improving our services in order to meet and exceed customer expectations

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